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I am often asked why I became a dentist. The easy answer is to say that it is because dentistry runs in my family. My father was an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and my mother was a dental hygienist. Some say dentistry is in my blood. However, the real reason I became a dentist is because I saw the impact dentistry had on my parent’s patient's lives.

My History in the Dental Industry

I have worked in dentistry since I was 15 years old. My first job was in my dad's office, where I filed charts, answered phones, scheduled patients, and performed janitorial duties. I was later trained as a surgical assistant, and in college, I worked as a dental assistant. After dental school, I worked in Solano County and spread my time between two different dental offices providing various dental services.

In 2013, my family moved to Chico, CA, because my husband joined his family business. At this time, I was fortunate to purchase my own dental practice. Previously working in different clinics and dental offices, I had a vision that differed from mainstream dentistry. I wanted to create a climate where we thought outside the box of the “drill and fill” philosophy. Since day one, myself and my amazing team have created a practice that strives to care for the individual, their dental desires, needs and long-term prevention.

Creating My Practice

Our team strives to educate our patients, which allows an individual to fully understand their own dental health and what that can mean short term and long term. We discuss all options available so one can make a decision that is comfortable for them, their lifestyle, and desires. These plans can be based on prevention, cosmetics, home care, and much more.

Our team wants to truly understand an individual's unique needs, desires, goals, and concerns. We take these things into account when recommending treatment options. We want to educate our patients about different treatment options and the expected long-term prognosis so they can feel empowered to make their treatment decisions with confidence.

Our team is often baffled when new patients often inform us that their previous dentist never spent as much time with them nor educated them regarding their dental health. We want our patients to know that their dental health is not solely dependent on their dental home care. There are several factors - such as genetics, acidity, buffering capabilities, and habits - that all play a role in one’s dental health. These are things we explore with our SillHa Oral Wellness tests and screening tools, which are routinely included with our comprehensive exams.

We do have a lot of modern technology in our office, not just because it is cool, but because it enables us to provide excellent care to our patients with great precision and a more in-depth understanding of why dental issues are occurring. We may not be an influencer on social media, but in person, we enjoy finding your perfect preventative care routine and discussing the good, bad, and ugly dental trends we see on social media. When you do see us on social media, we like to share moments of joy in our dental chair in which we have just turned a frown upside down and made a smile sparkle!

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