Replace Missing Teeth with Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures replace multiple missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Most of them require healthy adjacent teeth for secure placement. Unlike bridges, which are fixed permanently to adjacent teeth, partial dentures are removable and are held in place with different types of attachments.

A common form of partial denture has a metal clasp attached to the end of the denture that fits snugly around a supporting tooth, holding it securely in place. These clasps are sometimes visible when speaking or smiling.

a close up of a women's mouth after having a precision attachment installed

Precision Attachments

Precision attachments are small interlocking metal parts on both the partial denture and the adjacent teeth that connect together for an unobtrusive, secure fit. These dentures might require crowns for the adjacent teeth and can be more expensive than clasp attachments.

an older man putting a partial denture in his mouth

Flexible Partial Dentures & Implant-Supported Dentures

Flexible Partial Dentures are made of thermoplastic material and use translucent, gum-colored extensions that discreetly fit around the base of the teeth near the gumline. Implant-supported partial dentures use stud or clip attachments to hold the denture securely to the dental implants.

a woman brushing her dentures

Denture Care

Dentures, like natural teeth, require daily care. We will recommend the type of cleaning routine, soft brush, non-abrasive cleaner, and soaking solution, which is best for removing any plaque and bacteria that build up on the denture.

Any discomfort or any damage to the appliance should be reported to our office at once. Keep up with regular dental checkups to make sure your denture is fitting properly and that your gums and other oral tissues are healthy.

Whether you choose dentures, bridges, or implants, replacing missing teeth restores the function and transforms the appearance of your smile. To discover if dentures are the best choice for you, call our office to discuss your questions and concerns.

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